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Report Reveals $7.3 Million in Payments From Foreign Governments to Former President Trump’s Businesses

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A new report released by House Oversight Democrats exposes $7.3 million worth of payments made by foreign governments to former President Donald Trump’s businesses and properties during his tenure in office. The bulk of these payments, amounting to $5.6 million, came from China alone.

Entitled “White House for Sale,” the report meticulously details how Trump accepted millions of dollars in payments from foreign governments through his various business ventures, including hotels, golf clubs, and resorts. In addition to China, other notable sources of these payments include Saudi Arabia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the Kingdom of Thailand.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), the top Democrat on the committee, wrote in his introduction to the report that the findings demonstrate clear violations of both the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause and federal anti-corruption laws. He argues that these payments had a direct impact on Trump’s policymaking decisions and could be seen as bribes intended to influence American foreign policy.

“We know about only some of the payments that passed into former President Trump’s hands during just two years of his presidency, from just 20 of the more than 190 nations in the world, through just four of his more than 500 businesses,” Raskin writes. “The foreign nations making payments to President Trump spanned the globe and included several of the most corrupt and authoritarian governments on Earth.”

Furthermore, the report suggests that the actual sum of foreign payments received by Trump may be significantly higher than the $7.3 million documented in the report. As such, it calls for further investigation into the matter and urges Congress to take steps to prevent future presidents from profiting off their office.

Despite Republican claims of widespread corruption within the Biden administration, the timing of this report cannot be ignored. Just months ago, House Republicans announced plans to launch an investigation into President Joe Biden and his family’s overseas business dealings – an effort that many see as politically motivated and without merit.