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Biden Orders Military To Save Thousands Stuck In Afghanistan War Zone

Biden is sending help to thousands stuck in Afghanistan.



President Joe Biden has authorized the U.S. military to go all out in its effort to save possibly thousands of people, mostly Americans, trapped in Afghanistan. In response to the decision to end 20-plus years of war in the Middle Eastern country, forces of the Taliban have been quickly retaking cities.

“U.S. Air Force cargo planes and contracted aircraft are headed to Afghanistan to evacuate potentially thousands of Americans and Afghans per day as the Taliban advances on Kabul, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said Friday,” Defense One reported.

Biden is ending the war that began in 2001 under the presidency of George W. Bush. Bush sent the military into Afghanistan with the announced goal of killing or capturing 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden and members of his Al Qaeda terror group.

That mission was not accomplished until 2011 when U.S. military forces under President Barack Obama killed Bin Laden.