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Biden Goes To War To Lower Prescription Costs

President Biden announces a new fight to lower prescription drug costs for US families.

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President Joe Biden will go to war against Big Pharma and use the power of the federal government to campaign against high prescription drug costs. The president will also reportedly back plans from congressional Democrats designed around fighting drug costs.

“In a late morning speech at the White House, Biden is expected to say that Medicare should have power to negotiate prices directly with manufacturers in order to reduce the expense for both the federal government and for individual beneficiaries. Biden “will note that while the pharmaceutical companies have done enormous work by developing lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines alongside the United States’ best scientists, crippling drug prices are unacceptable,” according to a White House official who offered a preview of the president’s remarks,” HuffPost reports.

For years, big-money pharmaceutical companies have raised prices on middle class families who need medication. When Republicans had complete control of government under Donald Trump from 2016-2018, the party did not make lowering prescription costs a priority. Instead, Republicans used their political capital to pass a tax cut package weighted towards the ultra-wealthy.

In his successful campaign for the presidency in 2020, Biden said he would work to lower drug costs. Many voters responded to the message, giving him over 81.2 million votes and a mandate to enact changes in policy and legislation.