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Conservatives Rage After Jennifer Aniston Calls Out Unvaccinated

Conservatives are mad at Jennifer Aniston for being pro-vaccine.

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Conservatives are expressing their outrage at actress Jennifer Aniston after she called out people who refuse to get freely available COVID-19 vaccines.

“Last week, her InStyle interview made headlines after she told the magazine that people have a “moral and professional obligation to inform” others about their vaccination status. “I’ve just lost a few people in my weekly routine who have refused or did not disclose, and it was unfortunate,” Aniston said to the magazine. The star then supported her vaccination remarks in a Thursday post on her Instagram story,” the Washington Post reported.

Aniston highlighted the fact that the unvaccinated can transmit Delta variants of COVID-19 to the unvaccinated. Passing the virus around can kill those who are immunocompromised and also endangers children under 12 who still cannot take vaccines.

Vaccines have been freely available for months due to actions from President Joe Biden that have produced and distributed millions of doses to every state in the country.

Conservatives, many of them influenced by outlets like Fox News, have been refusing to vaccinate. This has allowed the virus to linger and has assisted in mutations like Delta.