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Biden Win: Already Created 4 Million Jobs In 7 Months After Trump Lost 3 Million

Biden has created more jobs in 7 months than Trump did in 4 years.

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Joe Biden

In just a little less than seven months as president, President Joe Biden has a job creation record that beats Donald Trump’s four years by more than a million.

The U.S. economy is now booming under Biden, who began his presidency by putting the full force of the government behind a vaccine deployment that sent out millions of doses from coast to coast.

“The July jobs report brings the total number of jobs created during the first six months of President Joe Biden’s tenure to nearly 4.1 million, according to data from the BLS. That’s more than the 3 million jobs that were lost under former President Donald Trump’s watch. Trump’s jobs record made him the only president since 1939 to leave office with fewer people employed than when they started, according to a report from the Washington Post,” the American Independent reported.

Biden hailed the job surge on Friday in a speech to the nation, while warning that more vaccinations and other virus precautions like masking need to be undertaken to prevent problems from the Delta variant of COVID-19.

The job creation news left Republicans largely flat-footed as they scrambled for a way to talk down the positive job numbers. The party has argued for months that Biden’s American Rescue Plan, which was passed into law with only Democratic votes, was not working. But the job surge has severely affected this tactic. In his speech, the President crowed that “the Biden plan is working.”