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Biden Changing Car Rules To Create Electric Car Boom

Biden is changing car emission rules to clean up the environment.



Electric Car

President Joe Biden is changing rules put in place by the Trump administration with the goal of creating a boom in electric cars across America.

The emissions rules from Trump were weighted heavily in favor of cars that create pollution and destroy the environment. Biden’s rules will instead work toward cleaning up the air and transforming a majority of the cars on American streets into electric vehicles, which emit far less dangerous materials.

“The administration on Thursday announced there would be new mileage and anti-pollution standards from the Environmental Protection Agency and Transportation Department. In addition, it said the auto industry had agreed to a goal that 40% to 50% of new vehicle sales be electric by 2030. Both the regulatory standards and the voluntary target will be included in an executive order that Biden plans to sign later Thursday,” the Associated Press reports.

If the Biden rules are followed and kept in place, millions of Americans will see the environment improve in their areas and health issues associated with pollution will plummet.

By contrast, Republicans have said that they want to keep the pro-pollution rules in place and have seen donations from polluting companies go into party funds.