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GOP Fears Insurrection Candidates Could Cost Party In 2022

Republicans could lose their bid to take the House based on their support for terrorism.



Republicans are now worried that a slate of candidates running in 2022 with connections to the January 6 attack on the US Capitol could cost the party its shot at control of the House.

“House Republican leaders have forcefully condemned the violent Capitol riot by Donald Trump’s supporters. But the GOP campaign arm is now in the uncomfortable position of watching several of its own candidates face sharp questions about their role in the deadly siege that injured scores of police officers,” Politico reported.

The party is now torn between the majority of Americans who oppose the attack and even find it disgusting and the base of the GOP who are fare more sympathetic to the attackers.

Democrats running have made clear the party’s unanimous opposition to the attack and have voted in unison to form the select committee in the House investigating the attack.

Republicans, on the other hand, have opposed investigating the attack and have instead had some members of Congress who expressed sympathy for the attackers and even described them as “political prisoners.”