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ISIS Using Pro-Trump Social Media Network To Plot Attacks Against The World

Pro-Trump social network has become a hangout for ISIS terrorists.



GETTR, the pro-Trump social media network started by Trump campaign alumni, has become a haven for the ISIS terrorist network.

ISIS is now using GETTR as one arm in its widespread organization designed to plot and execute deadly terrorist attacks against America, the West and its allies in a shocking turn of events.

“The social network — started a month ago by members of former President Donald Trump’s inner circle — features reams of jihadi-related material, including graphic videos of beheadings, viral memes that promote violence against the West and even memes of a militant executing Trump in an orange jumpsuit similar to those used in Guantanamo Bay,” Politico reports.

The site was supposed to be a way for Trump and the Trump faithful to communicate without having to deal with the policies on sites like Twitter and Facebook that restrict much of the disinformation and violent rhetoric used among conservatives.

But the site’s launch has been plagued with heavily covered mistakes and misfires and Trump himself has not created an account on the network.

Becoming a terrorist haven is likely to turn off people and slow the site’s prospects for future growth.