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Rupert Murdoch Network Suspended From YouTube For COVID Lies

A network owned by Rupert Murdoch is now suspended from YouTube.

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Rupert Murdoch

A network owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch has been suspended from YouTube for pushing lies about COVID-19.

“YouTube said Sunday it had barred Sky News Australia from uploading new content for one week, citing concerns about Covid-19 misinformation. The move comes after a review of posts uploaded by the Rupert Murdoch-owned TV channel, which has a substantial online presence,” AFP reported.

Sky News Australia has 1.86 million subscribers and is often a venue for right-wing misinformation and disinformation. It is a sister network to America’s Fox News Channel, which is the crown jewel of Murdoch’s news empire.

Fox News has also been a frequent source of disinformation about the virus and some experts have attributed the current wave of infections among the unvaccinated to the network’s influence.

Murdoch also owns the Fox television network and the Wall Street Journal.