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Fox News Panic As My Pillow Guy Pulls Millions In Ads

Mike Lindell says he is pulling millions in advertising from his old ally, Fox News.



Mike Lindell

Fox News has reportedly lost millions in advertising dollars after My Pillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell said he was pulling his commercials from the network.

The network is extremely reliant on Lindell’s money to prop up its primetime programming since most mainstream advertisers have abandoned the network over its racist content.

“I am pulling everything!” Lindell told Salon News. “Fox [News] denied the [cyber symposium] ad, and they based it on ‘pending litigation.”

The conspiratorial millionaire who has had the ear of Donald Trump for years is reportedly upset that the network would not run an ad for a so-called “cyber symposium” held by Lindell. The event has been described as yet another venue for Lindell to discuss election conspiracies and the false claim that Trump will be reinstated to the office of the presidency.

If Lindell follows through with his threat, programs like Tucker Carlson Tonight, Hannity, and the Ingraham Angle will lose advertising that has been keeping the network afloat.

Without Lindell, the network would likely have to offer advertising placement to even lesser known companies or fill air time with ads for its own programming.

Fox News’ other source of income comes from cable carriage fees, paid by consumers when they pay for their cable television. Activists have been calling for cable companies like XFinity to drop Fox, arguing that people who oppose racism and sexism are still funding it by paying for Fox indirectly.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sidney

    August 3, 2021 at 8:27 am

    OMG this is the most skewed news site I have ever seen! You guys need to be removed from the internet for blatant lying and misinformation!

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