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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Tries To Rebrand Vaccine With Trump’s Name

Sarah Sanders is trying to give Donald Trump all the credit for the COVID-19 vaccine.



Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, former Trump spokesperson and current gubernatorial candidate in Arkansas, is trying to rebrand the COVID-19 vaccine with Donald Trump’s name.

“I believe the Trump vaccine will help keep our state open for business and our economy growing,” Sanders writes in an op-ed in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. Later she writes, “It’s clear that the Trump vaccine works and is saving lives.”

While Sanders prods vaccine-hesitant conservatives to take the vaccine in her op-ed, the decision to label the vaccine much in the same way that former President Donald Trump has branded failed products could annoy some. Many products and services with Trump’s name on them – Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump Water, and Trump University – all went out of business and in some instances were accused of fraud.

The relabeling echoes many of Sanders’ actions while serving as White House Press Secretary, where she repeatedly tried to give Trump credit for the economic recovery that began under President Barack Obama.

Similarly, Trump spent much of the last year of his presidency pretending the virus was not as deadly as it was, insisting it would just go away. He also promoted quack “cures” for the virus and even suggested at one point injecting bleach to remedy infections.

In reality, massive distribution of the vaccine and agreements to provide hundreds of millions of doses for it to the American public, were made by President Joe Biden.