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Gallup Poll: Record High Number Of People Felt Stress During Final Year Of Trump

Poll reveals the world was the most stressed its ever been, in Trump’s final year.



The world has never been as stressed as they were during Donald Trump’s final year in office, a new Gallup Poll reveals.

Gallup has done its Negative Experience Index poll for 14 years and the overall negative attitude on the planet has never been as high as it was in 2020.

“Gallup asked adults in 115 countries and areas if they had five specific negative experiences on the day preceding the survey. Four in 10 adults said they had experienced worry (40%) or stress (40%), and just under three in 10 had experienced physical pain (29%) during a lot of the previous day. About one in four or more experienced sadness (27%) or anger (24%),” the company revealed in a new report.

2020 only broke the record because it beat out 2019, when negative emotions were already high.

With vaccinations for COVID-19 now in circulation around the United States and the world and life beginning to return to normal, it remains to be seen if negative feelings will taper off.