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Ted Cruz Reveals Fantasy He Has About AOC, Elizabeth Warren

Ted Cruz is now talking about his fantasies…



Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) may be soon accused of offering up Too Much Information after he revealed a fantasy scenario he’s dreamed up involving Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Cruz shared his dream scenario while speaking at the right-wing Turning Point USA conference.

“[T]he thing that liberals never seem to understand if you go down to Key West is the rafts are only going in one direction,” said Cruz. “Just once I want to see some left-wing socialist — I want to see Bernie Sanders, I want to see Elizabeth Warren, I want to see AOC go down to Key West, get on a raft, and sail 90 miles south to the socialist paradise.”

“Their ideas don’t work, tyranny doesn’t work, freedom is powerful and that’s what y’all are defending and i am proud to stand with you.”

Cruz’s description of the ideas held by the progressive politicians are inaccurate. The Democrats have supported policies that both allow for civil liberties and economic prosperity, which stand in contrast to Cuba’s authoritarian government.

In fact, recent events have shown that Cruz and his Republican Party share more values with communist Cuba than the Democrats. It was Cruz who recently objected to the certification of President Joe Biden’s electoral win, an echo of Fidel Castro’s repeated stuffing of the ballot boxes in Cuba to ensure one-party rule in the island nation.

If Cruz were to better examine his lurid fantasies, he might not like what he uncovers.