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Fox News Host Calls For Spying On Kids In Class

Fox News hosts wants creepy cameras watching children.



Mark Levin

Fox News host Mark Levin said he wants to be able to spy on young children in their classrooms.

Levin appeared on the network on Sunday and argued that adults should install cameras in classes so that kids can be watched. Despite the concerns from some about how such a setup could aid child predators, Levin said the extraordinary measure was necessary to make sure kids were not being taught anti-racist ideas, or as he described it, “critical race theory.”

Fellow Fox News host Pete Hegseth said he supported the invasive child camera idea as well.

“Levin reminded Hegseth about his suggestion to place cameras in classrooms. Both Hegseth and Levin agreed that if cops and courtrooms had cameras, so then should classrooms,” Fox News reported.

Republicans and conservatives in recent months have advocated for several policies that experts say would negatively impact children.

In addition to the classroom cameras, Republicans in multiple states have passed legislation that would require invasive genital inspections of children before they are allowed to play school sports.

At the same time, Republicans have attacked vaccination campaigns for COVID-19, even though children are at risk because there currently is not a vaccine available for those under 12.

Some have taken to calling the Republican policies something akin to a “war on kids.”