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Teachers Say They Fear ‘Witch Hunts’ Fueled By GOP Attacks On Schools

Teachers warn of violent ‘witch hunt’ fueled by GOP’s ‘critical race theory’ attacks.



Teachers are now worried about “witch hunts” from enraged right-wingers after a series of attacks from Republicans at the federal and state levels against schools.

Republicans have been going after anti-racist “critical race theory” by claiming that it is being taught in K-12 schools. The curriculum isn’t being deployed at that level, but that has not stopped Republicans.

“It is going to incite witch hunts for teachers,” April Lee, president of the Johnston County Association of Educators in North Carolina, said this week at a meeting of the school board there. “So I need you to be prepared, and I need for you to be prepared for us to fight back,” Lee warned her community.

Republicans have distorted the issue, which is usually taught and discussed at the college level, and claimed – wrongly – that the curriculum accuses all white people of racist crimes.

The distortion of the issue, which has aired thousands of times in the last few months on Fox News, has inflamed conservatives and even led to arrests at a school board meeting in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Despite the GOP campaign, President Joe Biden and Democrats have continued to voice support for anti-racist education.

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