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Facebook Exec Whines After Biden Exposed Company’s Role In Virus Deaths

Facebook is mad that President Biden called out their dangerous policies.

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A Facebook executive lashed out after President Joe Biden exposed the company’s role in rising deaths among the unvaccinated.

The anonymous official complained to NBC, “The White House is looking for scapegoats for missing their vaccine goals.”

The emotional outburst followed a statement from Biden that by not actively removing vaccine misinformation from its network, Facebook’s actions are having the effect of killing people.

Despite the pushback – anonymously – from Facebook against the president, it was revealed on Friday that the top post on that day on Facebook was filled with lies about the vaccine.

It was a post from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) advancing misinformation about the vaccine, which will likely persuade people to not take the medicine and could lead to death. Just like President Biden said.