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FBI Arrests Two Men For Planned Attack On Democratic Headquarters

FBI reveals terror plot to attack Democratic headquarters.



The FBI has arrested two men who it says planned a terrorist attack on the Democratic Party’s headquarters in California.

“Ian Benjamin Rogers, 45, of Napa, and Jarrod Copeland, 37, of Vallejo, face charges that include conspiracy to destroy a building used in interstate commerce with fire or explosives, possession of machine guns and obstruction of justice,” NBC reported.

According to the agency, the men had “specific, detailed and serious” to attack the John L. Burton Democratic Headquarters. The men reportedly sought out help from right-wing militias to execute their mission.

“We are relieved to know the plot was unsuccessful, the individuals believed to be responsible are in custody, and our staff and volunteers are safe and sound,” Rusty Hicks, chair of the California Democratic Party, said in a statement.

Violent extremists have experienced an increase in support lately after Donald Trump told the extremist Proud Boys to “stand by” during the presidential election in 2020. The largest recent display of such extremism was the January 6 2020 attack on the US Capitol by Trump supporters who sought to overturn his loss in the presidential election to President Joe Biden.

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