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Hero Hotel Housekeeper Prevented Possible Mass Shooting At MLB All-Star Game

Quick-thinking hotel housekeeper may have saved hundreds of lives.



Coors Field

A hotel housekeeper may have prevented a group of heavily armed people from killing dozens during the MLB All-Star Game weekend.

Four people staying at the Maven Hotel in Denver, Colorado, were arrested after the housekeeper alerted authorities to their cache of weapons. She saw a dozen weapons and more than 1,00 rounds of ammunition in their hotel room and it raised alarm bells.

Police say they feared a “Las Vegas-style shooting” after discovering the over-the-top arsenal. 60 people were killed and more than 800 were injured after a mass shooter targeted the Las Vegas strip in 2017.

Cops say they removed long guns and boy armor from the hotel room in question. The hotel room had a balcony overlooking downtown Denver, possibly giving the shooters a perfect vantage point to attack hundreds of people.

“One of the suspects arrested Friday night had posted a message on Facebook referencing a recent divorce and saying he was going to ‘go out in a big way,'” The Denver Channel reported.

Three men and one woman were arrested. They are Richard Platt, 42, Gabriel Rodriguez, 48, Ricardo Rodriguez, 44, and Kanoelehua Serikawa, 43. They have been charged with weapons possession and other related charges.