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Fox News Had To Run Disclaimer For Trump Speech Lies

Fox News is apparently afraid of being sued for airing Trump’s lies.



Donald Trump’s speech at CPAC Dallas over the weekend were so egregious, his allies at Fox News were forced to run an on-air disclaimer as they aired his remarks.

During Trump’s monologue at the conservative conference, on-screen text from Fox News noted, “THE VOTING SYSTEM COMPANIES HAVE DENIED THE VARIOUS ALLEGATIONS MADE BY PRESIDENT TRUMP AND HIS COUNSEL REGARDING THE 2020 ELECTION.”

The text came as Trump falsely claimed that he won the 2020 election and the results were rigged against him. Trump lost both the popular vote and the electoral college to President Joe Biden.

Companies that make many of the key voting systems in America, like Smartmatic and Dominion Voting, have either pursued or threatened lawsuits against outlets and figures on the right who have advanced debunked conspiracy theories about the election being stolen. Fox News was likely trying to avoid legal action by airing disclaimers during Trump’s conspiratorial speech.

News outlets have not had to run disclaimers while airing remarks from President Biden about his election win.