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Biden Reopening Powers ‘Black Widow’ Towards Box Office Record

Movies are back after Biden deployed millions of vaccine doses.



Marvel's Black Widow

Millions of Americans are flocking to newly reopened theaters to watch the latest Marvel movie, ‘Black Widow.’

The film is now projected to bring in $87.8 million, the most ever since theaters shut down as the COVID-19 pandemic spread in 2020 under Donald Trump.

The previous pandemic-era record of $70 million from “F9,” in the “Fast and Furious” franchise will be shattered.

Theaters from coast to coast have begun reopening after President Joe Biden put the full force of the federal government behind deploying multiple COVID-19 vaccines.

Now vaccinated, millions of people have begun reentering the U.S. economy and key industries like movie theaters have begun to reopen.

With infections collapsing along with deaths, the overall economy appears headed toward a boom say experts.