Betting Sites Made MILLIONS From Gullible Trump Fans Who Thought He Would Win

Betting sites brought in millions of dollars because gullible Trump fans bet on him to win the election.

“Offshore sportsbooks do not share detailed financials, but the 2020 election appears to have been the biggest online betting event in at least American history, to say nothing of what licensed bookmakers in Europe might have made.

Bovada’s head oddsmaker, Pat Morrow, said that his site handled “eight figures” in election bets, 95 percent of them coming from Americans, and that 30 percent more cash had been wagered on the race than the site’s previous biggest event, the Chiefs-49ers Super Bowl in February. At Panama-based BetOnline, the election also brought the largest sum of total wagers in history: “mid–eight figures,” according to sportsbook brand manager Dave Mason.” [READ MORE]