Trump Goes On ‘Pity Tour’ On Right-Wing Media Shows

Donald Trump has gone on what is being called a ‘pity tour’ with right-wing media shows.

Trump is currently behind by double digits in national polls and still infected by COVID-19.

“Confined to the White House for the past few days as he has been recovering from the coronavirus, Donald Trump has adopted a less taxing campaign tactic. Beginning with a telephone call with Maria Bartiromo, of the Fox Business Network, on Thursday morning, he’s conducted a series of lengthy interviews with sympathetic media outlets, including an on-camera interview about his illness with “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the top-rated Fox News Channel show, on Friday, in which he said he’d been retested for the virus but was vague about the result. (“I’m either at the bottom of the scale, or free,” he said.)” [READ MORE]