Court Orders Trump To Pay Porn Star Stormy Daniels $44,100

Stormy Daniels
Stormy Daniels

Donald Trump has been ordered by the courts to pay porn star Stormy Daniels $44,100 in legal fees.

“The order in Superior Count in Los Angeles determined Daniels won her lawsuit against Trump over the agreement that was signed 11 days before the 2016 presidential election. As a part of that deal, the losing party would pay the lawyers fees,” the Associated Press reported.

The lawsuit happened after Daniels sought an escape from the nondisclosure agreement she signed with Trump.

Before the 2016 election, Daniels (real name: Stephanie Clifford) was paid $130,000 through Trump’s then-personal lawyer Michael Cohen to keep quiet about her sexual relationship with Trump.

“Yup. Another win,” Daniels tweeted after the order was announced.

Trump had his affair with Daniels while still married to his current wife, Melania Trump.