Trump Pushing To Keep Teachers Exposed To COVID In Classrooms

Teacher In Classroom
Teacher In Classroom

Donald Trump wants teachers who have been exposed to COVID-19 to stay in classrooms and teach children in-person, despite the clear health risks.

“New guidance from President Donald Trump’s administration declares teachers to be ‘critical infrastructure workers’ could give the green light to exempting teachers from quarantine requirements after being exposed to COVID-19 and instead send them back into the classroom,” CNN reported.

The requirements would put educators in harms way while also exposing more children to the virus. Even though children are less likely to get sick, children have died from COVID-19.

Children can also carry the virus to adults working in the school or to adults in their homes like parents and grandparents.

Already schools and colleges that have opened for fall classes have had to close down due to COVID outbreaks.

Teachers’ unions have been speaking out about the danger of premature reopenings, pointing out that even non-fatal COVID infections could lead to long-term medical damage for children.