Biden Campaign: Steve Bannon Fraud Arrest Continues To Prove Trump Corruption

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign said that the arrest of former Trump campaign manager and White House official Steve Bannon was further proof of the extent of Donald Trump’s corruption.

“No one needed a federal indictment to know that Steve Bannon was a fraud,” Biden deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield told reporters.

“Donald Trump has run the most corrupt administration in American history. He has consistently used his office to enrich himself, his family and his cronies. Is it really a surprise that another one of the grifters he’s surrounded himself with and placed in the highest levels of government was just indicted? Sadly, it is not. The American people deserve better.”

Bannon was arrested and charged after federal prosecutors say that he was involved in a so-called “charity” called “We Build the Wall” that was used as a front to personally enrich Bannon and his co-defendant, Brian Kolfage.

Bannon is the second of Trump’s campaign managers to face federal criminal charges. The other, Paul Manafort, is currently in federal prison.