Suburban Voters Behind Biden Poll Surge

Suburban voters are key to the big bounce Joe Biden is getting in national polls against Donald Trump.

Biden is currently ahead of Trump by a double-digit lead in most polls. Biden also leads Trump in the key battleground states, and is even close to him in Texas, historically the biggest pro-Republican state.

“The new ABC News/Washington Post poll is the latest to show former Vice President Joe Biden on a roll.

He leads President Donald Trump 55% to 40% among registered voters. (It’s a slightly tighter 54% to 44% among likely voters). The poll comes on top of other surveys last week from Fox News, NBC News/Wall Street Journal and Quinnipiac University giving Biden anywhere from an 8 to 15 point advantage.

Biden’s advantage in the polls is most evident in the suburbs, where he is earning a historic amount of support for a Democrat.” [READ MORE]