Trump Rages After Newspaper Exposes How Lazy He Is

Trump attacked the New York Times after their reporters exposed how he spends his days watching TV.

Despite Trump’s protests, his frequent tweets about the content of Fox News proves he spends more time channel surfing than governing.

Reacting to Trump’s freak out, reporters noted that Trump rarely gets any work done before noon, and has one of the lightest daily presidential schedules in decades.

Over 53,000 Americans have died from coronavirus since the virus came to America. In that time, Trump has tweeted nonstop, usually about the media and not efforts to defeat the virus.

His predecessor, President Barack Obama, did not tweet about frivolous things like Trump does, and did not use his Twitter account (which still has millions more followers than Trump) to complain about news stories. Obama has endorsed his Vice President, Joe Biden, for the presidency.

Trump’s meltdown tweets about his laziness: