GOP Governor Says Trump Is Clueless On Coronavirus

Maryland governor Larry Hogan, a Republican, says Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about on the coronavirus.

“Hogan, a Republican, balked at the president’s hopeful assertion made last week that at least parts of the country could be operating like normal in two weeks’ time – saying in that time period “Maryland is going to look more like New York.”

“The messaging isn’t helpful,” Hogan said during an interview on “Fox News Sunday” of the president’s comments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. “The governors are out there on the front lines, are trying to get people to stay in their homes for everything but very essential things like going out to get food or prescriptions or things that are basic; you know, for them to survive, and then we got messaging coming out saying that things are OK and you should get back to normal. It does conflict and it hurts.”” [READ MORE]