Trump Desperately Trying To Take Credit For Boom That Started With Obama

Analysis of economic data finds that the boom Trump keeps trying to take credit for started under Barack Obama.

“The president is correct that as of this point in his tenure, some economic indicators are at or near record highs, or improving for some people after remaining stagnant. The Dow Jones has posted record numbers, unemployment has continued its downward trajectory to a half-century low, and wages are starting to increase for the middle class. (Though as our colleagues and others have noted, Trump often exaggerates the unemployment rate for African Americans and Latinos).

But that’s not the full story. The upward trajectory of many economic metrics — ranging from unemployment to the stock market –began under President Barack Obama. As our colleague Heather Long wrote last year, the “data shows a mixed picture in terms of whether the [Trump] economy is any better than it was in Obama’s final years.” ” [READ MORE]

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