Google Purges Employee, Accused Of Union Busting


Google is again being accused of union busting after purging a pro-union employee.

“Google stands accused of firing a fifth employee who was suspected of attempting to organize a labor union at the search giant. Kathryn Spiers, who worked on the Chrome security team, says that she was fired for adding a pop-up to an internal browser telling colleagues about their labor rights. Spiers says that the company has “overreacted in an egregious, illegal and discriminatory manner.”

In a post on Medium, Spiers says that Google was recently forced to a publish a list (by the NLRB), internally, outlining the rights its employees have. And in order to ensure that all affected employees knew about it, Spiers added a pop-up notification to the company’s internal Chrome browser. Apparently this is a common practice inside the company, allowing people to share “hobbies or interests” with their co-workers.” [READ MORE]

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