Trump Fanatic Says He Slashed Inflatable Baby Trump To Fight Evil Like Jesus

Trump Baby
Trump Baby

Trump superfan compared himself to Jesus after slashing an inflatable Baby Trump.

“ reports Hoyt Deau Hutchinson called the syndicated radio show “Rick & Bubba Show” on Monday to describe what happened. Hutchinson said he was shaking in anger when he drove past the balloon and its handlers Saturday during President Donald Trump’s visit to see Louisiana State play against the University of Alabama.

He yelled at the protesters, but then realized they might have seen him, so he bought a University of Alabama shirt to better blend into the crowd and get close to the balloon, he said. Pretending he wanted a picture with the balloon, Hutchinson said he used a material cutter with a sharp razor to slice the symbol open.” [READ MORE]

Video of crazed Trump fan being arrested after he slashed inflatable Baby Trump: