John McEnroe Said Male Tennis Player 7 Inches Shorter Than Serena Williams Is A Superior Player

John McEnroe is being slammed for arguing that a male tennis player 7 inches shorter than Serena Williams is a better tennis player.

“McEnroe’s controversial statement raises a question: Who is the No. 700 ranked man in the world? He’s a man named Issam Haitham Taweel. There’s “no bio available” for him on the official ATP World Tour website, but according to Wikipedia, he is a 27-year-old Egyptian who started playing tennis at the age of 13. Also, he is 5’2” tall.

Taweel has had slightly less success than Williams. He has earned $3,528 so far in singles in 2017, while Williams has made $2.7 million this year (winning the Australian Open helped). Taweel has made $53,000 in career winnings, while Williams has made $84.5 million — not including endorsements.” Williams is 5 foot 9 and is currently the #4 ranked women’s player in the world.  [READ MORE]

One Comment on “John McEnroe Said Male Tennis Player 7 Inches Shorter Than Serena Williams Is A Superior Player”

  1. I’m a huge fan of Serena, a fan of McEnroe (and a competitive tournament player for 30 years). Mac probably overstated his position, but here’s what McEnroe actually said: “Well because if she [Serena] was in, if she played the men’s circuit, she’d be like 700 in the world.” That’s NOT saying that she couldn’t beat the number 700 guy, it’s saying that if she played the men’s tour, her ranking would be around 700. In other words, she’d beat most (but not all) players ranked lower, and would lose to most but not all) players ranked higher.

    Though it sounds insulting, anyone who follows the “lower” tours (Futures, Challengers, etc.) knows that there are literally dozens of men around that 700 ranking that can serve as hard as, and are just as quick around the court as Serena. Would all of them beat her regularly? Doubtful. Would some of them? Probably.

    While I think that “700” is a bit low, I’d be really surprised if Serena (even with all of her talent)could crack the top 200 on the exceedingly deep ATP tour. The physical difference between the genders are too stark.

    (Not to mention MEN are required to play 3 of 5 matches in Grand Slams, averaging nearly twice the sets of Women’s matches), so stamina would also be an issue.

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