John McEnroe Said Male Tennis Player 7 Inches Shorter Than Serena Williams Is A Superior Player

John McEnroe is being slammed for arguing that a male tennis player 7 inches shorter than Serena Williams is a better tennis player.

“McEnroe’s controversial statement raises a question: Who is the No. 700 ranked man in the world? He’s a man named Issam Haitham Taweel. There’s “no bio available” for him on the official ATP World Tour website, but according to Wikipedia, he is a 27-year-old Egyptian who started playing tennis at the age of 13. Also, he is 5’2” tall.

Taweel has had slightly less success than Williams. He has earned $3,528 so far in singles in 2017, while Williams has made $2.7 million this year (winning the Australian Open helped). Taweel has made $53,000 in career winnings, while Williams has made $84.5 million — not including endorsements.” Williams is 5 foot 9 and is currently the #4 ranked women’s player in the world.  [READ MORE]