Kara McCullough: Nuclear Scientist Wins Miss USA 2017 (PHOTO)

Kara McCullough

Kara McCullough the newest Miss USA, is also a scientist working at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. McCullough was  born in Naples, Italy, and represented Washington, D.C. in the beauty pageant.

“I love science,” McCullough said after the event. She said she wants to use the increased visibility from her new position to encourage children to be involved in the sciences.

Kara McCullough
Kara McCullough

“I look at this as a great opportunity to … get to experience worldwide culture, as well as just having the opportunity to be impacted by so many children, hopefully in the math and sciences,” she continued.

McCullough is the second D.C. resident in a row to win the pageant. Deshauna Barber won the 2016 Miss USA.

Miss New Jersey Chhavi Verg was the runner-up.

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